Not The Wooden Spoon! 4-23-24 Hour 1 & 2

Cowgirls Are In! 4-23-24 Hour 3 & 4

Manny's girlfriend has started to dress like a cowgirl and he told her he thinks she looks dumb! Is he a jerk or is he Justified? And a Florida man tried to create his own winning scratch off ticket!

That's Old Fashioned, Not Old School 4-22-24 Hour 1 & 2

What is something you do that others might consider old fashioned? And are zombie deer coming for us all?

Paint Me, Baby 4-22-24 Hour 3 & 4

Have you ever had a unique first date experience? And are bikini baristas sanitary? Let's ask Sarah!

I'm The Face Of The Brand? 4-19-24 Hour 1 & 2

What brand would you love to be the face of? And Caitlin Clark is already selling out arenas!

Did The 80s Have The Best Shows? 4-19-2024 Hour 3 & 4

What is your favorite movie and TV show from the 80s? And is eating your coworkers chips a jerk move?

You Got Tattooed 4-18-24 Hour 1 & 2

Have you seen , or do you have any weird tattoos? And are you using the right dating app?

I Hate Wind Chimes 4-18-24 Hour 3 & 4

What's a weird meal or snack that you make? And Do people hate wind chimes?

Did I Ask For Advice? 4-17-24 Hour 1 & 2

Have you ever gotten unsolicited advice? And Notorious B.I.G. is headed to the Library of Congress!

The White Bronco 4-17-24 Hour 3 & 4

The infamous OJ Simpson white Bronco is up for sale! WHat is something morbid you want to own?