Friday's Show: Wheels Are Off!

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

The Wall Of Death

Danny and Amy take a walk to The Wall Of Death... Plus, the streets are empty but car theft is up, a man went to great lengths for a hot pocket (and why wouldn't he?), and alligators are ringing doorbells in Florida (because, Oh Florida).

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Its time to hit the stage, and you get to pick your performance partner... Plus, the World's Oldest Living Man is no longer the World's Oldest Living Man, a candy bar wants your help coming up with a name, and a police chase and capture ended in something very strange.

Choose Your Cellie

Callers join our conversation about would would make a great cellmate... Plus, big news at Amazon, Necco Wafers have reason to celebrate, and there is big doughnut news as well (Yum!).

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