Today's Show "Do I Smell Like Curry?"

Do I Smell Like Curry?

Amy Started Danny's day with one strange question, one that could mean many things. Sarah fills us in on a Shooting in Bellevue, a local Barista won something very cool, Plus a very redneck wedding in Florida all in News! In Music and Entertainment we chat about some big news about The Eagles, Julian Lennon and Blondie. In Sports we talk mariners and gave away tickets to Mitch Haniger Five Tool Bobblehead Night out at the newly named T-Mobile Park!


Smells Like Happiness with Rick Jones!

An equipment failure at a rendering plant is what has caused the stinky smell in Tacoma this week, making the Tacoma Aroma extra foul. Which made us wonder what smells would you like BAD or GOOD to overtake your town. We play the next installment of Bacon, Beer and Baseball for tickets to the Bacon and Beer Classic out at T-Mobile Park on May 4th. Rick Jones from Goldberg Jones joins us for free law advice, if you missed it you can always call 1-800-DIVORCE or go to PLUS Jellybeans Joke of the Week.


A Little Too Big, A Little Too Small or Just Right?

A Lithuanian man flew to Italy, on a commercial flight, all alone because he was the only passenger booked so we discuss things and places we would like to see in a small group or by ourselves. Sarah informs us about a strange criminal in Centralia, The Belize Great Blue Hole and a Swedish police officer who is making news in a fun way. In Music and Entertainment we talk about an extra special Oreo headed our way, The Flash star who is making stupid choices and the Royal Family! PLUS Mariners, Seahawks and The Alliance of American Football all in sports.



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