Today's Show "Dress Like A Target"

Dress Like A Target

Danny had a very interesting trip to target that resulted in all kinds of tasty treats. Sarah has the info we need on a local fire, and hit and run in Kent, Plus the low down on everything that happened at the Oscars last night. PLUS details about the Mariners in Sports.


Pink Cadillac

Target is coming out with its own line of wine, which makes us think wonder, have you ever bought a product just because of the Logo,Label, or Endorser? We play the first installment of "Our Other Favorite Hear Songs! Danny fills us in on his Big News Of The Day PLUS Business News With Jim the Flagger.


Don't Trust Me

Jack White recently stated that if someone told him they didn't like Led Zeppelin he wouldn't trust them, so we discuss what things that would make us not trust a person. We play a new game all about Whiskey for tickets to this Saturday's Whiskey Rocks NW. Sarah fills us in on a hidden beaver dam, a man who got kicked by something unexpected and a extra special doughnut. Exciting, Yet Sad news about one classic rocker in Music, We talk Oscars and oh so much more in entertainment and sports.



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