Today's Show " Danny's Got A Full Dance Card"

Danny's Got A Full Dance Card

Danny's had a very busy weekend! Sarah fills us in on the crazy weather in the Seattle area, an update on the Canadian serial killer from 2010-2017, and an underground shooting range and oh so much more in news. Lindsey Buckingham,Ozzy Osbourne and Chris Pratt all in the Music and Entertainment news, Plus Sports!!!


Are you Prepped?

Amanda went to her local QFC and found the shelves bare, people have been going a little crazy on being prepared for Snowmageadon here in the PNW, so we talk about things we have prepped for. We played our first installment of our very very hard game "Band on the Run" To win tickets to see Paul McCartney on July 6th at BC Place in Vancouver BC! Danny tells all about his big news of the day which includes One cop who is in big trouble for his activity at a strip club, A new study is out about liquor consumption. Wine before liquor never sicker sort of study, A major announcement from one of the worlds biggest soft drinks and a pretty cool homage to Bob Ross. PLUSS Business News With Jim the Flagger!


Take Me To Your Secret Garden

In the news today Sarah told us about an underground shooting range found by the police, which got us thinking about all the places we have been to that were secret or hidden. We get the low down on the newest Seattle forecast for this current storm, some more updates on Jeff Bezos and a sad development for one of Seattle's only 24 hour restaurants. We talk a new restaurant that's opening up, and a band in trouble for copyright issues, Some fun new bobble heads are headed to shelves near you and oh so much more in Music, Entertainment and Sports!



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