Today's Show "Send In The Clowns"

Send In the Clowns

Danny's psychiatrist revealed and interesting truth about himself that Danny just has to share, Sarah updates us on News, Entertainment and Sports. 

Washington Rocks

Montana wants an official rock song, which makes us wonder what would Washington States Rock Song Be?  We Also have the second installment of Choose Your Battle to win tickets to Battle At The Boat 119 on Friday January 11th out at The Emerald Queen Casino. Danny tells us his Big News Of the Day and Sarah brings the hour to a close with Sarah's Filthy Forecast.

Anger Management 

Yesterday in the news a man went a little crazy over not getting his hot sauce in a taco bell, which sparks the conversation when have you lost your temper over something small or strange? Sarah brings the show to a close with News, Entertainment and Sports.

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