Sarah's Beer of the Week 08.30.18

Sometimes all you need is an easy drinking beer and a pickleback.  No...really.  When I suggested this concept to my friends Mark and Chastity they were skeptical.  Until we went to Montana bar in Capital Hill.  This is a Western themed bar, with noooo frills.  Cold beer, and picklebacks.  If you're not familiar with picklebacks, I suggest you change that.  Whiskey with pickle juice.  Yum.  Goes nicely with a cold beer.  Now, Montana does have a nice beer selection.  But some rando's as well.  Like Montucky.  This seems to be Montana's version of a Rainier.  Technically this beer is called Montucky Cold Snack.  No idea why.  This was Mark's idea, after I suggested the picklebacks.  What a pretty can!  Fun.  This is a refreshing and light beer.  This is an easy drinker, not something for a hop head or a sour craving.  Straight up beer, with no fancy stuff going on.  If you find yourself in Cap Hill pop in to Montana and order like we did.  Why not.  Whiskey and pickle juice just might surprise you.


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