Everybody Play The Game

Freddie Mercury... where to begin with this one. A man with more charisma, ambition and passion than most of us could ever touch upon. He was the King of the Queens, vocals so opulent and strong, yet the ability to be vulnerable, fragile, but never ever weak. He's one of those artists I've turned to for strength, in a way Freddie is my (our) superhero. Although shy in his personal life, his onstage persona could not be contained.. He was poignant, wistful, flashy and oh so fabulous. His presence commanded the stage, he knew how to keep the audience lingering, begging for more.. He teased and played with them, ultimately giving them exactly what they came for..  Here and gone like a flash of light, his legacy carries on through music and film. Although I can't say I've been to a Queen show, I am thankful for the legendary live performances that were recorded like Live Aid in '85. A remarkable example of Freddie's charisma and this band's untouchable talent. 

The Game was Queen's 8th studio album and their most popular in the US to date. With hits like Another One Bites the Dust and Crazy Little Thing Called Love it soared up the charts reaching No. 1 and selling over 4 million copies in the US alone. This was the first Queen record to feature synthesizers which the band had been reluctant to utilize in records past. 

Play The Game, is an incredible tune that takes their newly found synth melodies to the max... the soaring, rushing sounds draw you in right from the start and then later an echo mid way through the song. Freddie's canorous voice has a bittersweet hue, just the perfect touch in juxtaposition to May's ascending guitar riffs. It's a lovely tune with an all so real message about the 'game' of love... 

This is your life

Don't play hard to get

It's a free world

All you have to do is fall in love

Play the game 

Everybody play the game of love.

Dragon Attack is a sexy, funky, badass tune written by the one and only legendary guitarist Mr. Brain May... this song has a killer bass line and was supposedly bass guitarist John Deacon's favorite song to play. 

The ending track titled Save Me is by far one of Queen's most incredible songs.. It's a theatrical tune starting minimal with Freddie singing in a delicate soulful voice along with a piano... the acoustic guitar joins in and then the grandiose chorus hits, a combustion of percussion and melody as Freddie's iconic layered harmonies build upon each other. It's a timeless beauty. 

I clothed myself in your glory and your love

How I loved you

How I cried.

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