Sarah's Beer of the Week 11.12.2020

When it comes to food and drink, I love anything smoked. Smoked cheese, smoked paprika, smoked salmon, smoky whiskey...and even beer. That's right, beer. Each year Alaskan Brewing Company comes out with their limited edition Smoked Porter. And each year, I'm first in line to get it. I even get the Alaskan Brewing emails so I know when it comes out. This beer is scrumptious. It's rich, and robust. It's smooth, and flavorful. And yes, smoky. There are notes of molasses and an earthiness. I'll be honest, this flavor isn't for everyone, but if you like dark beer and smoky flavors you'll love it. If you've never tried a smoked beer this is a great place to start. They say you can age it, so looks like I'm heading back to the store for more!