Sarah's Beer of the Week 01.24.19

I drink a lot of IPA.  This is true.  But that doesn't mean I don't love brown ales and stouts as well.  I have been ALL about Alesmith Nut Brown Ale lately. I love Alesmith.  Their 394 Pale is divine.  The Xtra Pale is extra good.  The IPA is incredible.  But on a different flavor profile is the Nut Brown.  It's an English brown, at just 5% ABV.  It's malty but not heavy.  It isn't sweet and isn't bitter.  Perfect combo of hops and malts and magic.  I haven't had a beer from Alesmith that isn't spectacular.  This brown really hits the spot for the Winter.  You can find it at Total Wine, Teku Tavern and a handful of other places that have good taste in beer.  Try it, you'll like it.  


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