Sarah's Beer of the Week 12.13.18

I am a big fan of Iceland.  Been there three times.  And it changes every time I visit.  I haven't been in two years, but close friends of mine just went, and brought back gifts.  Turns out the beer scene there continues to evolve and their beer gift just shows that.  They brought back a bottle of beer brewed with whale testicles.  Yup, you read that right.  Whale Testicles.  Now, when I was in Iceland last, I did notice many beers brewed with some wild local ingredients.  Many beers with unusual herbs and spices. But nothing with testes.  They do legally eat certain types of whales in Iceland, and it's good to see them embracing snout to tail mentality.  I can't imagine many other uses for that part.  Not my thing, but, I had to try it.  It pours dark reddish, like a copper or red ale.  It looks pretty regular.  Taste, however, was anything but regular.  Don't ask me if it TASTED like whale testicle because I wouldn't know what that tastes like.  The beer is very malty.  Slightly sour.  Slightly smokey.  Soooo I looked the beer up.  Turns out those whale testicles are also smoked in sheep dung.  YUM.  OK, not really.  I didn't hate this beer.  I also didn't really like it.  I can see someone who loves beer with very little hop flavor enjoying it.  Or someone who doesn't really like traditional beer flavors.  Too sour/malty for me.  But, no regrets for trying it.  Trying new beers is something that should always be fun, and lucky for me, it is! 


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