Sarah's Beer of the Week 12.06.18

I'm not usually a fan of 'sour beers'.  Urban Family in Magnolia makes some I like, but overall I'd say I stay away.  But occasionally a pretty can catches my eye and no matter the style I'm inclined to buy it and try it.  Such was the case this week, with Pink Guava Funk from Prairie Artisan Ales.  A brewery out of Oklahoma.  WHAT?!  I've never had a beer from OK.  But...such a pretty can!  I had to.  I made my husband Matt split it with me, which was good news for him, a sour fan.

Lo and behold...she likes it!  Pink Guava Funk is sour, yet not the kind that makes your mouth shrink up and pucker.  The guava comes through but it's not overly sweet or like drinking fruit juice.  It's tart, it's dry, it's citrusy and fruity.  Really good stuff here.  I'd imagine a sour fan would like it, but it would also be a good introduction to sours for those who aren't sure.  I picked this up at Teku Tavern.  Love them for always having such an amazing variety of beers to take home.


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