Sarah's Beer of the Week 11.29.18

Matt and I spent Thanksgiving week visiting Taiwan.  It's an island country, under 100 miles east of mainland China.  We were in Taipei and a hot springs town called Beitou.  The people were very friendly, the food abundant and delicious.  And of course...the beer.  There is one main beer called TAIWAN.  Yup.  It's a lager beer, easy drinking and 5% ABV.  It's easy to drink with the flavors and spices of Taiwanese/Chinese food that is on every block of Taiwan.  The food scene is really ridiculously good.  But back to the beer.  There is a burgeoning craft beer and cocktail scene.  We managed to find a few cocktail bars, a brewery and a beer bar.  23 Public brewing has two locations, and we visited the one in Beitou.  We had several delicious IPA's and Pales.  At a few beer bars we tried other IPA's and even a sour.  Ximen Beer Bar in Taipei had a fantastic selection.  And we tried a Taiwanese whiskey called Kavalan, which they served properly with one giant ice cube.  While Taiwan beer is ubiquitous, they are definitely embracing bigger flavorful beers.  Taiwan was an amazing adventure.  I'd recommend visiting!  Check out my pictures below!


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