Today's Show "Take The Strudel and Run!"

Take The Strudel and Run!

Danny left a trail of crumbs at his house this morning, and apparently wont be punching anyone anytime soon. Sarah tells us about a disturbing shooting/stabbing that happened in Northgate last night, the tunnel drama that unfolded yesterday and a story that makes you cringe a bit and want to check yourself for bed bugs. In music and entertainment some fun things are happening for young foo fighters fans in the UK, a cool thing going down for Steely Dan and a Bieber Museum. PLUS some updates on the Mariners, NBA and an odd choice for the NHL.


Walkin' Thru The Park

Model Land is coming thanks to Tyra Banks, while we don't get the point, it gets us thinking what theme parks would you want to visit/create. The answers might surprise you. We play "Sweet Home Alabama" for a chance to win tickets to see Lynyrd Skynyrd at White River Amphitheater on July 27th. Danny fills us in on his big news of the day which includes A new study about rents in the US, A local company is offering up a dream job, that sounds too good to be true but it's not! Plus, bad news for the Prince of Darkness. Finally we hit you with Sarah's Filthy Forecast.


Hotel De Bonaduce

One man in Germany is opening up a Sausage Hotel (no not that kind of Sausage Hotel!) everything in the hotel will be sausage themed, from the wallpaper to the food, so we pose the question what kind of hotel would you open based on something you love? Sarah has updates on the snow hitting not only Washington but California, a pretty exciting new dog park that Danny won't be allowed in and a new dating app we just don't get. We talk about some big news involving John Fogerty and Iron Maiden plus all kinds of fun info about Major League Baseball, NBA and the NHL.

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