Someone Hacked Florida Water Supply, Could Have Been Serious.

In an interview Dr. Ron Sanders said:

“I will tell you that is the soft underbelly of so many of our local government systems,” said Dr. Sanders. “First, they are protecting parts of our critical infrastructure, and second, they are accessible not only by other employees in the city or county, but by contractors and in some cases even citizens.” “You can buy cyber-attack tools on the dark web,” said Dr. Sanders. “Cybercriminals have access to those tools, they can buy them on the dark web and it no longer takes an evil genius to do this.”

Luckily the person on duty saw the hacker access the computer remotely and was watching what they were doing. They were able to stop it. What was the chemical? sodium hydroxide -- commonly referred to as lye.

Could it kill you? Yes, if you drank it straight. This more than likely would have made people very sick.

photo: Getty images

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