Washington State Has Two Of The 'Most Beautiful' Lakes In The U.S.

El Diablo Lake

Photo: Dendron / iStock / Getty Images

There's something inherently majestic about lakes. The pristine waters, vast depths, and accompanying environments, like mountains and forests, usually make for jaw-dropping views. Add in thrilling activities like hikes and kayaking, and you're in for an unforgettable experience. Some Americans may move to lake towns so they can be near these wonderful bodies of water all year round.

That's why Places To Travel compiled a list of the most picturesque lakes in America, from underrated spots to well-known destinations. Two lakes in Washington State landed on the list!

Diablo Lake was deemed a "must-visit" spot thanks to its stunning color and the rewarding hike you need to take to get there. The reservoir rests in the forested mountains of North Cascades National Park, where you'll encounter stunning waterfalls, gorgeous alpine views, and a suspension bridge, according to writers.

Then there's Lake Chelan, one of the most popular lakes in the entire state. Don't confuse it with the town of the same name, which hosts incredible vineyards, beaches, hikes, and all sorts of water-based activities. That only scratches the surface of all the stunning activities you can do there.

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