The Most 'Out-Of-The-Ordinary' Restaurant In Washington

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Restaurants across the United States strive to bring guests a memorable dining experience. This can manifest as some mouthwatering dishes, picturesque scenery and decor, or staff that goes above and beyond to enrich your visit. Some eateries spice up the dining format with strange menu items, bizarre concepts, unusual building locations, and other head-scratching ideas. These quirks can work out by attracting a consistent, sometimes loyal, customer base.

LoveFood recently released a list dedicated to these unique restaurants. The website revealed every state's "most unusual dining experience" based on user reviews, accolades, and first-hand experiences.

According to the roundup, Washington State's most out-of-the-ordinary restaurant is the Bors Hede Inne! Here's why this fascinating establishment graced the list:

"At the Camlann Medieval Village, you'll find one of Washington State's most unique dining experiences – a medieval theater dinner. Here, the restaurant is designed like a 14th-century village inn, with whitewashed walls and timber frames. The menu takes you back to the 14th century too, with old recipes including chicken in cinnamon and almond sauce, roast salmon in hazelnut sauce, and pork with chicken and cranberries. While you eat, you'll be regaled with old stories and songs."

You can find this spot at 10320 Kelly Rd NE in Carnation.

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