Popular Spot Named The Best Small City In Washington

Port Townsend, WA.

Photo: irina88w / iStock / Getty Images

The United States is a vast country that facilitates sprawling metropolitan cities and mysterious wilderness. Between those two extremes are the small cities and towns that embody the heart of America. Small cities are a great middle ground if you want urban and small-town vibes. These quaint cultural centers have plenty to offer, including annual festivals, cute restaurants, jaw-dropping natural landscapes, and scenic attractions. Some Americans love these spots so much they end up becoming permanent residents!

For those curious about these small cities, Fifty Grande compiled a list of the "coolest" ones to check out in every state. According to the website, Port Townsend is Washington State's best small city! Writers gave a detailed breakdown of what makes this beloved destination so charming:

"Not that Western Washington is ever lacking for small waterfront towns with stunning mountain backdrops, but somehow Port Townsend tops them all. This small city on the shores of Puget Sound adds a serious selection of cool architecture to its aesthetic allure with blocks of old Victorian homes filling the streets just off the city’s walkable downtown. Some of those homes are haunted bed and breakfasts, which add a spooky enchantment to the city. The picture perfect setting is part of why Port Townsend was also chosen as the filming site for An Officer and a Gentleman along with nearby Ft. Worden."

For the continued list of every state's coolest small city, visit Fifty Grande's website.

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