Seattle Business Evacuated After 2 People Smoke Drugs In Bathroom: Report

Interior of a public restroom

Photo: AJ_Watt / E+ / Getty Images

Customers were evacuated from a Seattle business after two people reportedly smoked drugs in a bathroom for nearly an hour, according to KIRO 7. Seattle police and the city's fire department responded to a business located on the corner of Aurora Avenue North and North 125th Street Sunday after 2 p.m., officials told reporters.

Employees reportedly told officers two people were smoking drugs inside one of the bathrooms for about 40 minutes. Police said customers were forced to evacuate the business due to fumes from the narcotics. Authorities haven't revealed what drugs the individuals were using.

Cops found one of the suspects as they were boarding a bus at a nearby bus stop. The woman, who had a warrant out for her arrest, told officers she was assaulted. Firefighters later evaluated her, and no further details were provided about her. Officials didn't disclose information about the second suspect, either.

Seattle Fire said they treated a 28-year-old woman, who was listed in stable condition. No word on the nature of her injuries.

KIRO 7 visited the business and noted two bathrooms had keypads on the doors. Despite this, a key was required to unlock the doors. They also found out someone had stolen the key to at least one of the bathrooms. When speaking with workers about the incident, employees said they were advised not to speak about it.

No word on potential arrests of charges as of Tuesday, February 20.

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