Washington Town Named One Of The 'Prettiest' River Towns In America

View of the Wenatchee River at autumn with fall colors on the leaves as it flows past the Bavarian themed town of Leavenworth past the public park at Blackbird Island at Leavenworth, Washington, USA.

Photo: Kirk Fisher / iStock / Getty Images

There's something about water that intrinsically draws in people, especially massive, awe-inspiring bodies of water. Millions of Americans visit these waterways and swells to engage in entertaining activities, such as swimming, fishing, kayaking, and much more. Some people love it so much that they move to towns and cities just so they can be close to the water all the time. It's the same reason why beach towns and lake towns are popular places to live and visit. Another overlooked type of settlement is river towns, which offer their own special experiences and scenic views depending on where you go.

World Atlas has a perfect list for those intrigued by these waterside communities. The website compiled a list of the "prettiest" river towns in America, from well-known cities to under-the-radar spots. A trendy Washington town earned a spot on the list, and it's Leavenworth!

This European-style village has entranced visitors for ages thanks to its seasonal decor, thrilling events, and beautiful natural scenery. While many speak of these aspects of Leavenworth, the riverside activities rarely get a spotlight. Here's what travelers can look forward to:

"Situated two hours from Seattle, in the Chelan County of Washington, Leavenworth, featuring a unique Alps town atmosphere is also accompanied by a mellow-flowing river. At the confluence of the Icicle and Wenatchee rivers, it emanates a European vibe with its Bavarian style buildings, including gingerbread house-like Safeway and McDonalds. The rivers are great for stand-up paddle boarding, canoeing, and rafting. After an exhausting day on the water, one can relax in one of the local wineries. The water-access, style of the town’s architecture, as well as a number of local wineries and breweries, offers an activity for anyone’s taste, leaving a lasting impression for all its visitors."

For more travel recommendations, check out the full list on worldatlas.com.

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