The Best Historic Town In Washington

Picturesque buildings and shops in the Bavarian and Scandinavian themed town of Leavenworth, Washington State, USA

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The United States has been around for centuries, meaning there are plenty of smaller towns and cities that stood the test of time. These destinations are also open to those wanting to take a step through living history or indulge in the culture. Like any other town or city, these spots offer stellar tourist attractions, restaurants, natural landscapes, nearby state and national parks, and other neat draws.

If you're a history buff or want to spice up your travel plans, ShermansTravel pinpointed the best historic town in every state. The list includes seaside communities, under-the-radar retreats, old mining towns, fishing villages, well-known cities, and much more.

According to writers, Washington's best historic town is Leavenworth! Here's why it was chosen:

"This postcard-worthy mountain town was once frequented by hunters, fishers, and gold miners. When the railroad came through (and eventually exited) Leavenworth, it became a virtual ghost town — that is, until it was transformed into a quaint Bavarian village. Now, Leavenworth draws in millions of visitors for skiing and other alpine fun. Try to plan your visit around the holidays, when the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum, the Greater Leavenworth Museum, and the Leavenworth Reindeer Farm are all the more magical. Wine lovers can also visit one of the town's wineries or tasting rooms, including Icicle Ridge Winery, Ryan Patrick Wines, and d'Vinery Tasting Room."

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