Washington Restaurant Named The Most Beautiful In The State

Table with a view of the beautiful landscapes of Val d'Orcia valley in Tuscany

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When dining out, sometimes you need something pleasant to look at to enjoy your meal. Whether it's the stunning interior decor, the fascinating architecture, or the scenic views an eatery provides, chances are it'll be as amazing as the food served.

If you want to dine at a nice-looking restaurant, look no further than Cheapism. Writers pinpointed the most beautiful restaurant in every state.

The website states, "Some gorgeous restaurants serve up a feast not just for the taste buds, but for the eyes, too. Whether you need an impressive spot for a special occasion or just want to gawk, here are some of the most beautiful places you can dine in every state and Washington, D.C."

According to writers, Washington's most beautiful restaurant is Canlis! Here's why it was chosen:

"Midcentury modern Canlis is a Seattle landmark. Go, and you'll see why: Perched above Lake Union, the restaurant and its angular windows jut out dramatically. There are gorgeous views of the pines and Cascade Mountains beyond as smartly dressed diners inhale dishes with local and Japanese influences."

You can find this restaurant at 2576 Aurora Ave. N in Seattle.

Need to add more aesthetic eateries to your bucket list? Check out the full list on Cheapism's website.

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