How The War In Ukraine Put The Brakes On Bert Kreischer's Big Movie

When Bert Kreischer spoke with Q104.3 last summer, it was via Zoom from Serbia where he was busy filming his upcoming movie The Machine.

The movie is based on Bert's unbelievable true story about an encounter with the Russian mob from when he was on a study-abroad trip in college. Bert told the story in his 2016 stand-up special and it went viral soon after hitting the Internet that year.

If the movie is anywhere as funny as Bert's story, it's going to be a hit. But who knows how long we'll have to wait for it to come out.

Bert joined Jim Kerr and Jonathan Clarke Thursday morning in person and admitted that given current events involving Russia, The Machine might sit on the shelf for a bit longer.

"I think we're going to wait until this whole Russian thing calms down (laughs). I mean, Putin's killing my release date," he said.

The movie has been described as a cross between The Hangover and Midnight Run. Mark Hamill co-stars in it as Bert's father.

Check out the full conversation via the player above!

Bert Kreischer is on tour now. Get all of his live dates here.

Clusterfest - Larkin Comedy Club - Day 3

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