Wednesday's Show: Huummppp Daaayyy!

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

I Woke Up in Love This Morning

Danny woke up in love and is ready to sing about it... Plus, more classic album covers are getting the puzzle treatment, a huge drug bust just happened locally and the quantities are mind-boggling, and one ridiculously rich individual just donated an insane amount of money.

You Can't Do What?

Paul can't do a cartwheel, surprisingly Danny can't juggle, we talk physical feats that we just can't manage... Plus, Jellybean has another hilarious joke, The Life Coach is takin' calls and saving lives, and we've got some seriously great Mariner's goodies to give away.

Seller's Remorse

Callers join our conversation of the things we regret ever selling... Plus, a very strange traffic incident here in western Washington, a must hear update to that Space X launch, and FREE CHICKEN WINGS!!!

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