Tuesday's Show: Now We're Having Fun!

Let It Be

Danny tells us about his new coping technique... Plus, some strange packages are turning up in the mail, an economic relief package is in the works, and a really cool story about a lobster.

Professions On TV

Listeners call in to share which profession they'd like to see receive its own reality TV treatment... Plus, more changes to Thanksgiving and Black Friday this year, one massive employer has announced when it will be sending workers back to the office, and move over comet Neo-wise, something else is taking to the skies to cause wonder for many and irrational fear for Paul.

We're So Gullible

We talk about the totally unbelievable things that we totally believed as kids ... Plus, people in New Jersey are in trouble for throwing an insane party, Jaws popped up off the coast of Maine, and the rescuer has become the rescued.

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