Thursday's Show: Wheels Are Off!

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Back In The Bowl!

Danny urges the evil spirits to get back in the bowl, the verve bowl... Plus, Ryan Reynolds pranks a Beatle, the latest jail sentence for the college admissions scandal is pretty wild and we have a must hear story for people who love Chick Filet.

Bam, You're Great At It!

We use our magic to make you suddenly great at one sport or activity of your choosing... Plus, a good news story for you if you dream of finding buried treasure, a piece of TV history is up for grabs, and it's official, Mike Tyson has his next fight lined up.

Show It Off

Callers share what prized possessions they want to show off... Plus, something special and super smelly has surfaced in Philly, a crazy alligator story with no connection to Florida, and an update to a much sought after vehicle.

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