Wednesday's Show: Halfway Home

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Round And Round

Danny goes round and round at a roundabout... Plus, a big announcement from Gov. Inslee to share with you, an update to college students here in Washington, and the yodeling Walmart kid has a new gig.

Behind The Quarantine Curtain

Listeners join us as we all pick celebs we'd like to spy on in quarantine... Plus, Jellybean is back to make us laugh, The Life Coach solves all your problems, and we're having fun finding out what Juneau about Alaska.

The Best Of The Best

We ask you who is the best and what are they the best at... Plus, if you're thinking about a trip to Canada we have news for you., one man in a raft is being hailed a hero for the animal he saved, and things are changing when it comes to grocery store shopping.

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