Tuesday's Show: Let's Do This

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Reading Rainbow

Danny reveals his Summer reading list... Plus, there is a new controversy regarding Ukrainian ping-pong, we have the latest from Seattle’s mayor about defunding the police, and maybe THE craziest shark story of all time.

Magical Travel

We share our picks for the one place that we'd love to be magically transported to for one day... Plus, an NBA player is in big trouble for sneaking food, a super cool piece of James Bond memorabilia is up for auction, and big news about Elon Musk.

Family Heirlooms

Callers join our discussion on what has been passed down through generations of our families... Plus, if you're thinking about a trip to Hawaii we have some news you need to hear, you won’t believe what product the royal family is selling, and Crikey! the Irwin's are up to something new.

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