Friday's Show: You Made It!

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

It's Not Always Hammer Time

A first we thought it was Hammer Time, but alas it is sometimes Taco Time instead... Plus, a mask didn't protect Michael Myers from the effects of Covid, Amazon has something up there sleeve and we’ll tell you what, and lots of people are working from home but one tropical destination wants to pay you to do it there.

Paid For What?!?

What talk about the things we can't believe people get paid to do... Plus, someone was let out of jail early because of Covid only to be arrested again for what he did next, Dr. Anthony Fauci did something amazing this week, and a big change to sports that will impact UW.

Good Or Bad Juju

Callers join our conversation about places with good or bad juju... Plus, history is being made in the US military, a super cool story about Nintendo, and a really weird one out of Florida (even weirder than normal).

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