Tuesday's Show: Ramping Things Up

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Trust Your Chicken

An old recipe creates some confusion at the Bonaduce house... Plus, Metallica fans have a reason to celebrate, Patrick Mahomes is making NFL history (again), and Dr. Fauci say the U.S. is still "knee deep" in the first wave of this pandemic.

Back In Our Day

Listeners join our conversation about all the things we did as kids that parents would never let their children do now... Plus, we have an update on an iconic vehicle returning to the road, we find out what space smells like, and something record breaking out of Vegas has odds makers very unhappy.

Hanging With Business Leaders

We talk business men and women, and the ones we'd actually like to spend some time with.. Plus, a Nebraska farmer made a strange discovery in his pond, bad news for central park Karen, and ultra-luxury underground bunkers are the hottest new trend.

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