Monday's Show: Let's Do This

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

The Boss Is Back

Bruce/Danny returns from the Oregon Coast with stories to tell... Plus, we talk Kanye2020, baseball hits more bumps in the road, and a statue was toppled over the weekend here in the Pacific Northwest but it had nothing to do with the Civil War or Columbus.

Musical Candidates

With Kanye confirming his candidacy, we discuss the musical men and women that could actually get our vote in November... Plus, The FBI has some incredible statistics they're sharing about what was done in droves last month, if you dream of being a ninja you will be filled with envy when you hear what a Japanese man has accomplished, and a must hear story for fans of the Beatles.

Our Secret Slush Fund Purchases

Callers share their stories of secret purchases they hid from their significant other... Plus, we hear about a legendary Seattle area restaurant preparing to reopen, the movie Jaws is coming to life, and one beer maker is finding a second life for hundreds of thousands of unused kegs of beer.

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