Thursday's Show: Here We Go

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Right In The Face

After battling the printer and the speedometer, Danny moves on to the Capri Sun pouch... Plus, Rod Stewart has a request, Joey Chestnut has a prediction, and a 95-year-old Canadian man is breaking records.

Memorable Vehicles

We discuss the cars of our youth and what made them so memorable... Plus, the Loch Ness Monster was just spotted and there are pictures to prove it, a sad change to Costco, and an update on movies going back to theaters.

Not Sweeping The Nation

Callers share their recollection of products or trends that were destined to be the next big thing, but just didn't pan out... Plus, it’s the end of an era for fans of one big store, a man in Idaho is the talk of the town and it will upset one of Danny's friends, and Summer is here but we have a story that may have you rethinking a swim.

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