Tuesday's Show: In This Together

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

A Famous Star

Danny deals with a couple of haters who attempt to downplay his level of stardom... Plus, the socially distance 4th Of July concert in Arkansas will be even quieter than planned, there are big changes in the world of travel, and apparently the smallest state in the U.S. is not Rhode Island.


With the ongoing discussion about renaming Columbus Ohio to Flavortown, we talk about our own towns and what their new names should be... Plus, one name is seeing a massive downtick, if you're a single man you need to hear our story about what not to put in your online bio, and a mega rock star has just announced he is changing his name too.

Crazy Prices!

Callers join in on our conversation of things that we've found to have an astounding price tag... Plus, bad news for cruise lovers, a big update to the future of space travel, and new music is out from Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, and several other famous rockers.

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