Monday's Show: Let's Get The Party Started

Proud Papas

Danny and Paul share stories of their recent Father's Day experiences... Plus, Tom Petty's family won't back down, Rick Astley rick-rolls his way through a Foo Fighters cover, and Kid Rock is grounded from having a cold one for 5 days.

Skills Learned Online

Callers join in on our conversation of things we've learned online and actually use... Plus, Ford is coming out with a new Mustang and some wild new features, an unbelievable monkey story, and Kurt Cobain's guitar sold at auction over the weekend for an astounding amount of money.

Legendary Characters

With a new Star Trek prequel in the works featuring a young Captain Kirk, we discuss the TV characters that we consider legendary... Plus, a hero father is making news, maybe the weirdest story out of Siberia ever, and smuggling has gone to new highs (or is it lows?).

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