Friday's Show: Fri-Yay!

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Jeff Foxworthy Is Alive

Danny gives us a little scare about Jeff Foxworthy's well being... Plus, Garth Brooks is hitting the road in a very unique way, Walt Disney World has announced its reopening date, and a big update to kids going back to school here in Washington.

Get Ready To Compete

Listeners call in with their dream competition scenarios... Plus, watch out for genetically modified mosquitoes, a very cool concert is in the works featuring our Dave Grohl, and good news for fans of the movie Ghostbusters.

Fictional Characters For A Day

We talk fictional characters and animals, chose which ones we'd like to be for a day... Plus, a man is getting paid after wrongful conviction and a jail term, a very crazy story about how crocs used to roam the earth, and if you steal a car it's best to avoid swimming pools.

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