Thursday's Show: We Got This

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Easy For You To Say

Danny tells us about the ups and downs of his latest episode of Orange & Delicious... Plus, good news for fans of the zoo, the world’s tallest dog did something paws-itive on his birthday, and two major brands are working together on something very exciting.

Poorly Named

We discuss names for things that really just don't quite fit... Plus, a big, very unexpected update from Starbucks regarding their future, a famous stolen Banksy piece of artwork has been located, and we have some big sports and entertainment news to share.

Caught On Camera

Callers share stories of embarrassing Zoom fails and other times they've been caught on camera... Plus, some bad news from Alaska Airlines, some good news from Pepsi, and an officer has lived out one of Danny’s dream hero scenarios.

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