Monday's Show: Kicking Things Off

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

The Great Outdoors

Danny & Amy spent some time exploring the great outdoors... Plus, new music from Paul's favorite band Kansas, a wild story about buried treasure, and an explosive situation in Iceland.

Odd Couples

Listeners call in to share the relationships that fascinate them... Plus, a wild update from the CDC about what people have been doing to avoid getting Covid-19, why one man says he had a good reason to be in the zoo while it was closed, and a big announcement from Oprah.

Home Additions & Upgrades

With all of this extra time spent at home, we discuss what we'd like to add to our homes... Plus, people are upset about a bridge in San Francisco, strange story out of Florida to tell you about (aren't they all), and one official is in trouble for his huge order of lollipops.

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