Tuesday's Show: Continuing The Discussion

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Who Are You Again?

Danny s having a little trouble with names this morning.. Plus, John Daly says he can fix Tom Brady's golf game, great news for casino goers, and apparently June is still ski season in Washington.

Space For One Thing, In Space

We are headed to space and can only take this one thing with us... Plus, a new law has passed about stepping out on your loved one during Covid-19, move over TP, something else has really been flying off the shelves, and one fast food chain is getting a head to toe makeover.

Sports Memorabilia

Callers join our conversation on sports memorabilia that we'd love to own... Plus, if you like hiking and you like beer then we have a story for you, a new trend for those of you who seeking some alone time amidst quarantine, and a hilarious story involving a man who really wanted to reheat his pizza.

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