Monday's Show: Standing Together

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Bonaduce The Barber

Danny got his hands on the hair clippers again, and it did not go well... Plus, the champagne industry is really struggling, things are a little shaky at Yellowstone National Park, and things are really getting rough for beer drinkers in Mexico.

You're A Rock Star

Listeners call in to tell us which rock star they'd love to play on film... Plus, an unexpected bright light amidst the chaos in our city, an update to murder hornets in Washington, and we have the list of the highest paid athletes of the year.

Part Of Something Bigger

We talk about the moments in our lives when we've felt part of something big and positive in the world... Plus, an update to the cruise season, the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft had a stowaway on board, and look out pandemic and murder hornets - here come the zombies.

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