Tuesday's Show: Right Back At It

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Come As You Are

Danny and Amy pay a visit to Aberdeen, the Gateway to the Olympic Peninsula... Plus, Tom Brady made big news over the weekend, a minor league baseball team is doing something very interesting to bring in some revenue, and an Italian woman is the new owner of a century-old painting by Pablo Picasso.

Ooh, That Smell

Listeners call in and join our discussion on strange smells... Plus, Elon Musk is back in the news for weirdness, some folks have found away around covid safety to give people hugs, and the best baseball story ever... one that you'll enjoy even if you don't care for baseball.

A Look Inside

Michael Jordan got a docuseries, Tom Brady's is on the way, we discuss who else we'd like to take a peak behind the curtain on... Plus, an update to birth control for pigeons, one town's mayor is in big trouble for the strange thing he did to avoid arrest, and surgery was delayed because of something in the ER that wasn’t supposed to be there.

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