Thursday's Show: The Fun Rolls On

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Backwards Porch Pirate

Apparently, Sarah is the worst porch pirate ever... Plus, the Washington Nationals are getting their 2019 World Series rings... via the internet, big Seafair news, and an unexpected update about men and beards.

Mascot Talk

We discuss the mascots we love, and the ones we find peculiar... Plus, the stats are coming in on our quarantine weight gain, an amazing update to the elderly man raising money for hospitals all in his back yard, SNL has something very cool planned for next week.

Hilarious Musical Pairings

Callers join our conversation on what musical collabs would be fun and funny to see... Plus, a scary update on those Murder Hornets here in Washington, the latest info on babies in the U.S., and a major Mac n Cheese major oops in Tennessee.

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