Monday's Show: Let's Get To It

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

G'day Mate, How Ahh Ya?

Danny goes down under, or parks his car in Harvard Yard, we're not really sure... Plus, we have an absolutely bonkers story about secret besties Eddie Vedder and Dennis Rodman, a double shot of crazy stories involving face masks, and two times the tiger mania.

Enough With That Already

Listeners call in to share the phrases they've had enough of... Plus, good news for fans of Bop Street Records, more oddness from Elon Musk, and a strange story about legos and your feet.

That Didn't Hold Up

We talk about all the things we used to love, but upon reexamination they just didn't hold up... Plus, a manicure is landing one woman in hot water, a priest has gone viral for his innovative way of blessing his congregation, and a story about a couple of big melons.

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