Tuesday's Show: The Fun Continues

Just Like Riding A Broken Bike

Danny goes out for a ride on his unicycle... Plus, Dog The Bounty Hunter is engaged to someone other than the woman you thought he was engaged to, The NFL will NOT bring games to London or Mexico this year, and Carnival Cruise Lines has announced plans to set sail again.

Better Now

We discuss all the things that are better now then they were back in the day... Plus, Elon Musk is up to something strange, we find out what the most popular dog breed in America is, and the bestest Tiger King news ever.

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Callers pick what celebs they'd love to see duke it out... Plus, a really nice story about a donation at a hospital, a wild story about a covidiot and her face mask, and we learn a bit of very interesting Native American/Irish history.

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