Wednesday's Show: Strong Together

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Who Was That Masked Man?

Danny narrowly avoids a road incident with a bike thanks to social distancing guidelines... Plus, Siegfried & Roy share some sad news, Costco has implemented a new policy for shoppers, and there has been a shocking increase in the percentage of people attempting to take guns on airplanes.

Surprise Surprise

We discuss the annoying habits we are noticing of those we are quarantined with... Plus, Jellybean is crackin' us up, The Life Coach is solving our life problems, and we ask more people than we expected to name today's Dan The Man.

It's Just A Game

Caller join in on our conversation, sharing stories of our over competitive friends and family... Plus, The Boy Scouts are inviting you to something very cool, good news for all you toilet paper hunters out there, and Tupac has filed for unemployment.

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