Friday's Show: We Got This!

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Follow The Guidelines!

Danny and Amy went for a drive and were appalled at the lack of masks and social distancing... Plus, a Baskin-Robbins shop in Kansas is cashing in on a Tiger King connection (or non connection), we talk a look at round one of the NFL draft, and sheep are making a run on the golden arches.

Feeling Patriotic

Listeners join our conversation on the things that unite us and make us feel patriotic... Plus, The Grim Reaper gets involved in social distancing, we have a spectacular update to the Tiger King phenomena, and we find out who our newest Seahawk is!

Family Matters

We talk families and the odd family situations we've come to know of... Plus, it's Meat Talk Monday on a Friday, we're seeing Bob Ross' face in toast, and lots of nakedness in the news.

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