Thursday's Show: Let The Good Times Roll

Look At Me! Look At Me!

Danny is doing everything he can to impress and entertain Amy while in quarantine, but it may not be working as intended... Plus, a new biopic is on the way about another powerhouse musician, changes are coming to Guy Fieri's Triple D, and Jeff Bezos apparently needs a really big apartment.

Thanks for the Memory

Good or bad we share our memory of a standout concert experience... Plus, big news for some special graduating seniors, the latest band to perform virtually is pretty awesome, and even more good news for those of you who participate in Zoom meetings.

The Good Stuff

Callers join the conversation, sharing one positive thing that has happened to them this week... Plus, a big announcement from President Trump, Bill and Melinda Gates did something wild, and apparently most of you are drinking on the job as you work from home.

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