Wednesday's Show: Huuuummmppp Daaaayyy!

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Something From The Oven

Nothin' says lovin' like something from the oven, Danny finds some normalcy in tuna noodle casserole... Plus, the upcoming "Friends" reunion special is inviting a few extra friends — maybe even you, a shocking move brings Gronk back to the NFL, and Washington State troopers have some choice words for us.

Making Quarantine Great Again

Listeners call in with stories of the great things they've made during quarantine ... Plus, Jellybean has a joke that is almost as cute as she is, The Life Coach has the solutions to your live problems, and we have tickets to see The Black Crowes if you have some brotherly rock knowledge.

Dynamic Duos

We talk tandems, duos and pairs that belong on the list of all time greats... Plus, coke sales slip, Wendy's offers up free nugs, and a barn party got out of control in Amish country.

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