Tuesday's Show: Sticking With It

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Asparagus For Your Birthday

We talk fresh asparagus and who we sing Happy Birthday to, you'll never guess who Danny is singing to... Plus, live stand up comedy is coming back, it looks like Russell Wilson will have plenty of protection, and Boeing is getting back to business.

Tough Jobs

We discuss all the jobs that we could never see ourselves doing... Plus, a great story out of Wisconsin will put a smile on your face, American currency is about to change and it has to do with bats, and a crazy story out of the world of sports.

When We Were Kids

Callers join our conversation of our fondest childhood memories ... Plus, Elon Musk shrank the Cybertruck, a Canadian woman's breast implants saved her life, and David Crosby tries to make peace with Neil Young.

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