Monday's Show: Let's Do This

Orange Is The New Delicious

Danny tells us about his new cooking show, Orange Is The New Delicious... Plus, SNL dis something very cool, the XFL did something not so cool, and an Ohio man did something very bad to the Easter Bunny.

Emotional Roller Coaster

The highs, the lows, we discuss the movies that give us the feels... Plus, we open up the Book of Bonaduce, we find out what news is big, and there's a new game for tickets to see The Doobie Brothers.

Everybody Loves...

Callers join our conversation of the things and people we think are universally loved. Plus... Something unsettling washed up on the shores of Oregon, a heartwarming story of an elderly woman in quarantine and what kind of help she’s asking for, and good news for everyone home baking these days.

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