Friday's Show: TGIF

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

TV Time

Danny asks Amy to pick what they watch on TV, and immediately regrets it... Plus, sad news abut the Capitol Hill Block Party, great new for fans of Tiger King, and a big announcement from The Seattle Mariners regarding blood.

Easter Stories

Callers join our conversation, special Easter traditions, stories and memories... Plus, experts are speaking out about what major change we'll see AFTER we get thru the worst of Covid-19, you won't believe the latest news about gas prices, and good news for fans of Disney and Hawaii.

Your Image On What?

Dr. Anthony Fauci now has his own bobblehead, so we discuss which way we'd like to see our image immortalized. Plus... an update to a rumor about a big shortage in our country, and update to the weird story out of Florida involving the pornographic Easter eggs, and new movies in (home) theaters.

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